Embracing Wholeness: Resources for Building Teaching Skills by Linnea Nelson

Embracing Wholeness: Resources for Building Teaching Skills

What's included?

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Parenting with a UU Lens
Care and Feeding of Your Adult During Social Distancing
Explaining to Children About the Need for Virtual Church
Resources for Talking with Children About Covid-19
Children's UU Friendly Songs
Parenting in a Time of Spiritual Distancing
Free Toolkit for Supporting Children on the Spectrum
How to Make a Homemade Chalice
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Tips for Talking with Children About the Pandemic
Who Will You Be After Quarantine?
A Cup of Light Read Aloud
School Library Journal Copyright information
Soul Matters Packet
Resources for Teaching RE Online
Meditation with Children
14 mins
RE Emergency Lesson Plans.pdf
643 KB
Simple Online Faith Formation
Permissions for Read Alouds
Ostara with Ties to COVID-19
Love Will Guide Us Adapted for Online
UUA Materials You Can Use Online, and those you can't
Publisher's Giving Rights for Reading Books online
More resources for copyright information
Multicultural Families
Multicultural Families Jenniffer and Rev. Kierstin
20 mins
UUTeach In Resources
Classroom Management
Conversation on How to Have a Smooth RE Classroom with Kelly and Linnea.mp4
19 mins
Conversation on Managing Behaviors in RE with Kelly and Linnea.mp4
22 mins
Meeting Individual Needs in the RE Classroom.mp4
23 mins
RE Classroom Tips.mp4
22 mins
Telling Stories in Sacred Spaces
Telling Stories in Sacred Settings
18 mins
Tapestry of Faith
Chalice Children with Kathy Smith
16 mins
A Place of Wholeness with Kathy Smith
12 mins
Windows and Mirrors with Dr. Tuli Patel
10 mins
Toolbox of Faith with Tuli Patel.mp4
14 mins
Creating Teaching Teams
Creating Teaching Teams
13 mins
Supporting Individual Challenges in the Classroom
Recording of Social Expectations.mp4
18 mins
Social Expectations Stand Alone Presentation.pptx.zip
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Recording: Anxiety in RE Classrooms.mp4
24 mins
Anxiety in the Classroom Stand Alone Presentation.pptx
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